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A Private Hosting Service for our Clients Only

SQCHost.com provides only private web services to our clients. This is not a general open to the public hosting service. Clients are contractual and the amount and type of the contract determines the type, useage and services that our hosting provides. Example include but are not limited to:

  • Training
  • Forms
  • Webpages
  • Website
  • Project Development and Testing
  • and more

If you are looking for a hosting provider we recommend the following:

Featured Hosting Provider site5 web hosting is our first choice

Synergy Quest Consulting Recommends site5 Web Hosting Services for those who are looking for hosting services. We believe you will find great pricinig ans services for your web hosting needs. Should you need any of our other services, you can contact us using the www.sqc411.com website for more information.


For help clients can contact SQC911.com. Our Preminum services offers remote online and onsite when needed.

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For more information we recommend going to our main information site www.sqc411.com

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1 Scheduled Maintenance | 5th of each month at 11PM PST
All scheduled maintainace is noted in advance as much as possible.
Some Server Based Services may be offline during the scheduled maintenances. When possible, we try to make sure to notify our clients of any downtown that is not scheduled.

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Where is my portal site?

With th new website designs and new added security features, you may find it a little different to find your access points as easy. We have removed them from the home page and require login to open the portal access launching process.

We are sorry for the extra steps but the best solution to provide you and your information a more secure platform.

Click the SQC Client Access Information button to start your access. Client Access Info once you set up your new access account, you will only have to go to this page if your cookies are cleaned out or every three months when we do a clean clear action.


About Us

Short Summary of what we do and what we are about.
Synergy Quest Consulting actually came about by synergy.  Two companies that collaborated and synergized from time to time eventually became one company.  That does not always happen and is not our standard approach for clients unless they are looking to merge with another company, group, church, organization or even marriage and families.
We do a number of things concerning business, organizations and individuals. We offer Assessments & Analytical for many areas. Budgets are important aspect of what we do, as the bottom line is the foundation for all stable economics and efforts.  Along with compliance issues and project management, we offer consulting, coaching and trainings for teambuilding and leadership development and establishing healthy human relationships. The aspects of healthy positive human interaction and relationships are our foremost – business/life baseline offering.  We believe that good relationships make for good things while bad relationships make for bad outcomes.  Good is good, better is better and great is GREAT when everyone wins!